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Our toilet and access improvement works to the community library are complete, together with our multipurpose flooring to the back room!

About The Community Library

The Community successfully acquired the library in June 2013. The Trustees of Denton West End Community Library would like to thank you for your support. After lengthy negotiations with the council the charity trustees have funded the purchase of the library with a business loan.  The estimated monthly cost for the running and upkeep of the library is over £1,650.00. This will keep the doors open.  The library is no longer funded by Tameside Council or your council tax payments. 

The charity, with the support of the Friends Group offer a complete Community run library service, independant of any Local Authority Funding or Support.

Without the suppport of the Community, dedicated volunteers, regular donation, and fund raising events, none of this would of been possible. Long term success depends on maintaining and encouraging the Community to be involved.

If you are able to help, or offer some time, please pop into the Library. More Volunteers are always welcome. The more people that become involved the more we can do within the community.

We look forward to welcoming you to YOUR library and community facility! 

Donations - Local Giving

We are registered with 'LOCAL GIVING' we also receive gift aid tax relief for donations made by UK taxpayers

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Donations - Local Giving

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